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Holiday Shopping - How payments can help you drive sales and avoid the discount trap on Black Friday

October 29, 2019
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are waiting around the corner. The biggest shopping holiday and the peak season for most retailers. As much as 1/3 of all the annual sales occur in the period from Black Friday through Christmas, making it the most profitable season for many businesses. This means there is a huge potential for your business to thrive! But there are also challenges including fierce competition and price pressure.

In this webinar we will cover:
  • How the Holiday shopping season is growing in numbers
  • Some of the most popular product categories 
  • The discount trap on Black Friday - and how to avoid it
  • How installments can increase your sales AND improve margins
  • How Klarna funnels more shoppers to your store.

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Guide: How to create the best Black Friday-deal

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Fredrik Thambert
Fredrik is Klarna's e-commerce industry editor and expert in the latest retail trends. He is the host of this webinar.

Melissa Chien
Melissa is Klarna's e-commerce growth expert with extensive experience at the intersection of online retail, fintech and digital payments in the US market. She is the host of this webinar.